In compliance with Article 13, as well as the principles of lawfulness, loyalty and transparency established in the EU Regulation 2016/679 (RGPD), General Data Protection Regulation -hereinafter RGPD-,as well as the obligations established in the Organic Law 3/2018, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights (LOPDgdd), we inform you that:


1. Identification of the data controller

The person responsible for the processing of personal data that may be collected through the means of contact made available to you on this website is ALQUILE UN COCHE EN CANARIAS S.L.U., with NIF. B35938893, with address at Avda. Rafael Cabrera 24 Portal 22B - Entreplanta 1ª Oficina 10, 35002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. You can contact the person responsible by telephone on 928 092 330. The person responsible for the processing of personal data that may be collected through the means of contact made available to you on this website is ALQUILE UN COCHE EN CANARIAS S.L.U., with NIF. B35938893, with address at Avda. Rafael Cabrera 24 Portal 22B - Entreplanta 1ª Oficina 10, 35002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. You can contact the person in charge by telephone at 928 092 330 or by email at


2. Details of the data protection officer


The Domingo Alonso Group has appointed BUFETE VILLALOBOS ABOGADOS, S.L.P with NIF B-35987320, and address at Calle Triana, 120. 3º Derecha. 35.002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. Spain. You can contact the DPD by email at


3. Data protection information on the processing carried out within the scope of the website.


The personal data that you provide to TURISPRIME CANARIAS through this website, or any of the means of contact that it makes available to you, may be processed for the purpose that corresponds to the reason for which you provide them at any given time.

The purposes of data processing associated with the data collection activities that may be carried out through this website for the purpose of customer or user service management are:


1. Attention to requests for information


Description of data processing: to properly manage and attend to requests for information or requests made through the form made available to you.


Legitimation: due to the fact that this is a pre-contractual process, on the occasion of the request for commercial information on one of our products or services, the legitimacy for the processing is that set out in article 6.1.b. of the RGPD, in relation to the application of pre-contractual measures.


Retention: the data will be used exclusively to answer queries and requests for information sent by the user. The retention period will be that which corresponds to the user's relationship with TURISPRIME CANARIAS and the contractual obligations arising from the contact established. If no pre-contractual or contractual relationship is established, the personal data will be deleted within a maximum period of 1 year.


Recipients: in general, the data will not be transferred to third parties unless legally required, but in the event that your request or interaction requires your data to be communicated to a third party, either within the Domingo Alonso Group, such as our own dealers, or to external dealers, they will be transferred to the corresponding company so that it can manage your request in the most appropriate way.


2. Analysis of visits to the website through cookies or similar technologies


For information regarding the processing of data associated with the use of cookies and other technologies, please visit the cookie policy of this website.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing, and portability, as appropriate, by following the instructions provided in the following sections of this privacy policy.


3. Sending of corporate and advertising information of the Domingo Alonso Group through the advertising part of the ECOSISTEMA DAG


The DAG ECOSYSTEM is an initiative of DOMINGO ALONSO GROUP S.L., which in its informative aspect allows any user who wishes to receive both advertising and corporate information from the Domingo Alonso Group and the companies that make it up.


Joining the ecosystem in its informative aspect is done through the boxes placed for this purpose at the end of all contact forms of all the group's communication channels. Its completion is 100% voluntary, and allows the selection of the type of advertising and information that the user wishes, as well as other options relating to the form and modalities in which Domingo Alonso Group S.L. may contact him/her.

Description of data processing: users who complete the sections of the DAG ECOSYSTEM, in its advertising aspect, expressly consent to the processing of their data to receive advertising information or not, from Domingo Alonso Group S.L. and the companies that make up the Domingo Alonso Group.

In cases where the user accepts the sending of personalised advertising, such personalisation will be based on the information that Domingo Alonso Group S.L. knows about the user. No data will be collected from other sources, unless expressly authorised by the interested party. The profile carried out will not entail any type of discrimination for the user, nor will it have effects similar to legal ones.

Legitimation: consent of the data subject, art. 6.1.a RGPD.

Retention: the data will be kept for as long as the DAG ECOSYSTEM is active, and for as long as the user's consent remains active.

Effects of the withdrawal of consent to belong to the DAG ECOSYSTEM in its informative and advertising aspect: the user may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of their data for the purpose of belonging to the DAG ECOSYSTEM without this affecting the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of said consent. As soon as the request to unsubscribe is executed, the data will be deleted from this section of the DAG ECOSYSTEM, without this entailing a total deletion, or the cancellation of the provision of other services or relationships that the interested party maintains with us.

Recipients: the data will not be passed on to third parties unless legally obliged to do so.


4. Data of third parties.


If during your communications with TURISPRIME CANARIAS you provide data of third parties, we inform you that:

You may only provide us with data of third parties if you have their express consent. Therefore, by sending us data of third parties, you declare that you have the aforementioned consent, or that you have the legal capacity to express such consent on their behalf.

All persons whose data you submit to us must be aware of the contents of this section. You declare that you have informed them and made them aware of its contents.

TURISPRIME CANARIAS accepts no liability in the event that the user who fills in the forms or contacts the responsible party does not comply with the above points.


5. Optional nature of the completion of forms and veracity of the information provided


The different forms made available to you have identified those data that are mandatory, and therefore an essential requirement to be able to manage your query, request or registration. If you do not answer these sections, we will not be able to deal with your request correctly.


6. Data processing by TURISPRIME CANARIAS service providers.


The personal data that we process from all interested parties who interact with us through the multiple communication channels that we make available to them, may be processed by suppliers of the Domingo Alonso Group, who provide services of all kinds, for example, digital marketing, customer service and call center, CRM software and others, quality management or legal, financial or administrative advice, among others. These possible processing operations are not at any time a transfer, but rather the provision of services duly formalised in accordance with article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation.


7. Communication of intra-group data for administrative purposes.


The Domingo Alonso Group is made up of the companies listed in the section COMPANIES de la web


Recital 48 of the General Data Protection Regulation states that "... Controllers that are part of a corporate group or entities affiliated to a central body may have a legitimate interest in transmitting personal data within the corporate group for internal administrative purposes, including the processing of personal data of customers or employees. The general principles applicable to the transfer of personal data, within a corporate group, to a company located in a third country remain unaffected...". Consequently, and after the corresponding "Analysis of legitimate interests", in certain cases, the data of customers and employees may be communicated between the companies of the group, in particular in those cases associated with the ECOSISTEMA DOMINGO DAG in its administrative aspect.


8. International data transfers


TURISPRIME CANARIAS uses services which, due to the location of the servers on which they store the information, or due to the location of their headquarters, the EU considers that by using them an international transfer of data to countries outside the European Union takes place.

It sounds complex, but in reality it is an action performed on a day-to-day basis by any company or person using social networks, or cloud applications, emails from the big tech companies, and so on. In the context of this clarification, we inform you that TURISPRIME CANARIAS performs the following international data transfers, when using:

Cloud storage and management: to the USA on the occasion of the use of cloud data storage platforms, such as Microsoft's Azure, Amazon's AWS, or Google Suite. We invite you to visit their privacy policies:

AWS Amazon:


Google Suite:

The above international data transfers are carried out under the protection of standard contractual clauses signed with the different service providers, by Domingo Alonso Group companies, through their web platforms.


9. Data security


TURISPRIME CANARIAS has implemented the necessary technical and organisational security measures to maintain the security of the personal data processed through this website, and in general in its organisation. The security measures have been implemented as a result of the results of the risk assessment corresponding to the principles of the RGPD, privacy by design and by default, security and active responsibility.


10. Users' data protection rights


Consent and revocation. The user may revoke the consent given, at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the data processing during the previous effective period of such authorisation.

If the user maintains any other relationship with TURISPRIME CANARIAS, and the withdrawal of consent could not affect the legitimacy of the same, it will continue to exist until the end of the legal deadlines or obligations associated with it. Withdrawal of consent shall only affect the specific processing affected by it.

Rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition and portability. The user or visitor may request the exercise of their rights of access to the data, rectification or deletion or the limitation of their processing, or to object to the processing as well as their right to data portability in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned data protection regulations.

You may exercise the rights mentioned in a and b above by sending your request in writing, together with a copy of a legally valid identity document. The request should be sent to the contact email address of the Data Protection Delegate of the Domingo Alonso Group, to the email address, or to the contact address indicated at the beginning of this document. To make it easier, you can use the application forms available at the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or request a copy of them by e-mail.

Complaint to the supervisory authority. If you consider that the exercise of your rights has not been correctly attended to by our Data Protection Delegate, or by our company in general, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or with the Supervisory Authority of your State.


11. Changes and updates


TURISPRIME CANARIAS is committed to respecting the right to the protection of personal data of its users, visitors and guests. For this reason, in the event of any modification affecting your rights, we will inform you prior to the entry into force of the same.